While chilling on Ipanema Joah and I spent a lot of time watching these guys and others (including a few women!) play a game combining soccer and volleyball.  At first we thought these four had made the game up, but then stopped to watch several groups of 2v2 and 4v4 up and down the beach., and realized it is practically a national sport.

The soccer moves most frequently employed include heading, “chesting”, and using one’s thigh or foot, and volleyball “side” rules apply – that is the same player cannot touch the ball twice in a row, and the ball can only be touched a total of three times on one side before it has to cross the net.

Their soccer skills were remarkable to watch, and although you might not be able to tell from this minute-long clip, this game is not easy.

Next time I meet up with the girls from my Women of Mass Destruction soccer team in DC I’m going to suggest we try a session along the Potomac!  DESTROOOYYYY! He he.