Melon Vine Farm

I have finally decided what I intend this blog to focus on!  (Audible applause)

After reading blog after blog posting about why it is important to have a blogging strategy and, even better, why blogs without a purpose are a waste of time, I decided it was time to buck up, stop being casual, inconsistent, perfectionist, and journal-esque about my blogging and establish a purpose.

I started this blog as a pseudo experiment while living/working in Buenos Aires in order to talk about how life was in BA.  I also wanted to try “the whole blogging thing” out, take my facebook and twitter commentary and link sharing to a (slightly) more analytic platform, and work-on and practice my writing skills.

The blog is called Asi es la vida, which means, “like this is life” or, “that’s life”.  I prefer the first translation. It’s not, “that’s just the way it goes” it’s more “this is how it is”.  So, like many bloggers, I’m going to tell you how it is.  But now that I’m back in the States at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, it will be all about how life is as a graduate student.

It’s natural, it’ll flow, and it follows the simple and sure writing advice of my first (and one of my favorite) creative writing teachers, Barabara Grengs, “write about what you know”.

So, strap on your britches, get ready for the fun, and welcome to the next phase of Asi es la vida: Asi es la vida de una estudiante de Fletcher School!