Happy New Year!!!!

Finals are over and the first semester of graduate school is behind us. Time to celebrate!!!

Friends and family are flying crisscross the country and back again to visit, playing hooky, lighting candles, holding babies, hosting family gatherings, pulling banquets full of food out of the oven, microwave, delivery at the door, laughing, loving, teasing, test-driving, catching-up, introducing new additions, relaxing, lighting fires and fireworks, making resolutions, feasting, and fueling the global hearth in many other ways I have yet to see or experience.

What a joy, in whatever way, to celebrate a hard yet wonderful semester of reading, writing, learning, growing, making life-long friends, deploying our professional event planning skills, reading and writing some more, leading, loving, entertaining, and as I like to say, “saving the world one study group at a time”.

Belated (and early) congratulations to students everywhere for completion of yet another semester of school!

Here’s to a rejuvenated, happy, and healthy start to the New Year, decade, and semester!