It’s time to retire the more-than-year-old “About Me” page (below) and update this blog to reflect my current activities, interests, life and love pursuits!

Bon voyage to the 2010-2011 version of myself and stay tuned for updates from 2012!

~ Althea

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As in the words of Mary Catherine Bateson I am Composing a Life.

At the moment that is as a graduate student living in Phnom Penh for the summer (2010) interning with International Bridges to Justice.

In August, 2009 I moved from Washington, DC to Somerville, Massachusetts to attend The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and I’m really happy I did. I love and adore the Fletcher school and its wonderful community.

I’m into a wide-range of activities, ideas, topics, themes, mottos and mantras so I won’t try to list them all here. They’re ever-changing.  Expect to hear about me having fun and enjoying life, music, dance, cooking and eating good food, good conversation and debates, being active in my endeavors, positivity and passionateness and a host of intersecting life-academia themes including: international law, environment and resource policy, civil resistance aka nonviolent conflict or nonviolent struggle, conflict resolution and negotiations, geopolitics, and-and-and, etc.

Thanks to my parents, I consider myself an ever-inquisitive and interested person. I started Asi es la vida because to chronicle and reflect on a summer in Buenos Aires. I also wanted to to work on my writing. I still really want to improve my writing so please jump in to provide feedback, comments or suggestions, I appreciate it all!

Now that I’m back in the States studying international affairs/law/diplomacy I’ve decided the focus of this blog will be about life as a graduate student. That is, after all, what I’m up to, and an angle from which I expect all experiences will be relevant.

So welcome and I hope you enjoy!



Hey everybody!

It’s been more than a month since…

I’ve gotten back from Cambodia.

I was basking in fun under the sun at Burning Man 2010.

I started my 2nd year at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

I’ve posted a blog on Asi es la vida.

It’s time to start writing again.

Yup. So here I am;

Ready….. begin!

In addition to irregular posts at Asi es la vida, I will now also begin irregularly blogging forThe Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Fletcher has several blogs. This summer I posted a few on “Fletcher Reflections” and I’ve since joined the “Year in the Life of….” [insert name of Fletcher student] crew of bloggers.

Here’s the first post of the (school) year…

View from a room with a view

So. Why? You might ask, did I decide I wanted to blog for The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy?

I like to think, try out, and process things out loud and with other people

I want to “work on my writing” (lifelong process people)

I wanted another (fun) form of procrastination

I have so many interesting things to tell you! (Uhhhm, you be the judge)

I really and truly love The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the experiences that it brings

I thought I might learn something new in the process

On the other hand, I didn’t start blogging for Fletcher because…

I get paid to do it and needed (another) job

I actually think you’re going to read my posts all the way through

I wanted to become famous or have future employers judge me by my blogging

I think I have spare time to read, write, rewrite, edit and perfect my posts

Now that we are clear, I’ve said it once and will say it again: If you have to come back to anywhere from an awesome, fun-filled summer, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is a fantastic place to land! It’s been wonderful being back. Everybody talks about the community at Fletcher and they are not exaggerating. The people, the places, the comeraderie, and most of all, the fun (!) that can be had while pursuing a degree in the field of international affairs, law, and diplomacy. Now that I’m settled and nestling back in, I’ll be bringing you up-to-speed on the pulse of a(nother) year in the life of… Me.

Talk to you soon ya’ll.

More news of the ebbs and flows of Cambodia coming your way.

Cambodia Is Hard Sell for Investment Companies

By: Simon Marks in New York Times, June 29, 2010

Douglas Clayton arrived in Phnom Penh in 2007 to start a private equity fund, looking to get $100 million in funds under management. His firm, Leopard Capital, started in 2008, is one of four private equity funds here backed by overseas investors, and the first to have completed an investment.

“Anyone can announce they want to start a fund, but getting investors to back you is a challenge,” Mr. Clayton, Leopard’s chief executive and managing partner, said in an interview.


Photo by: Bejan Siavoshy

Young dancers open minds by spinning on their heads

By: Bejan Siavoshy in Phnom Penh Post, June 28, 2010

While residents of Street 460 in Tuol Tompoung flocked home as dusk settled last Wednesday night, Tiny Toones founder Tuy Sobil, better known by his dance moniker “KK”, sat cross-armed with a widening grin on his face as local kids filed into the NGO’s youth centre.


Diplo at Pontoon in Phnom Penh!

Cambodia: Action Needed To Eliminate Torture

Press Release: Asian Human Rights Commission in Scoop Online, June 26, 2010

As the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is commemorated globally, the people of Cambodia continue to face serious problems relating to guaranteed rights against torture. As far as legislation is concerned, Cambodia has been a party to all UN conventions relating to civil rights and rights against torture. Recently, it also ratified the optional protocol relating to prevention of torture, cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment and punishment. However, the common saying in Cambodia is that while all these documents are being signed, these have little practical value for the people. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO1006/S00526.htm

Female artist wows Phnom Penh

By: Peter Olszewski in Phnom Penh Post, June 25, 2010

Siem Reap’s 21-year-old photography student Try Sophal was a big winner on June 24 at the awards ceremony and exhibition of the You Khin Memorial Women’s Art Prize at Java Café and Gallery in Phnom Penh.


Computer Game Saves Children From Landmine Scourge

By: Robert Carmichael in Voice of America, June 24, 2010

Decades of war have left Cambodia with millions of landmines and unexploded ordnance that kill and injure hundreds each year. A new approach to educating children about mines was tested last week in Phnom Penh, and is likely to be rolled out to other nations in the coming years.


Happy New Year!!!!

Finals are over and the first semester of graduate school is behind us. Time to celebrate!!!

Friends and family are flying crisscross the country and back again to visit, playing hooky, lighting candles, holding babies, hosting family gatherings, pulling banquets full of food out of the oven, microwave, delivery at the door, laughing, loving, teasing, test-driving, catching-up, introducing new additions, relaxing, lighting fires and fireworks, making resolutions, feasting, and fueling the global hearth in many other ways I have yet to see or experience.

What a joy, in whatever way, to celebrate a hard yet wonderful semester of reading, writing, learning, growing, making life-long friends, deploying our professional event planning skills, reading and writing some more, leading, loving, entertaining, and as I like to say, “saving the world one study group at a time”.

Belated (and early) congratulations to students everywhere for completion of yet another semester of school!

Here’s to a rejuvenated, happy, and healthy start to the New Year, decade, and semester!

On the road this week in Rio de Janeiro to table at the ISA/ABRI Conference and feeling like the luckiest girl alive.  Beautiful city, people, sites, and company.  While I don’t mind blogging from my hotel room where I have a view of Ipanema beach, I will save most stories and updates until my return to Buenos Aires.  Ohhh, how I will join the Argentines to complain about the cold upon my return!

In the meantime, I’ll share some images from the Sunday antiques market in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.  Most trips to BA will include a stop in this quaint, cobble-stoned neighborhood bordering La Boca.  In addition to it’s Sunday market San Telmo is known for it’s quaint shops and cafes, and for being the BA Tango barrio. Hope you enjoy!

Tango Music Duo

Tango Music Duo



Old Fountain Bottles

Old Fountain Bottles

Scoping the Sunday stalls

Scoping the Sunday stalls

Pupeteer's Story of a Drunkard to Tango music

Pupeteer's Story of a Drunkard to Tango music

San Telmo Tea Box Convos

San Telmo Tea Box Convos

Cuero (Leather)

Cuero (Leather)

Plata! (Silver!) And me

Plata! (Silver!) And me

San Telmo Glass Shop

San Telmo Glass Shop

San Telmo Tango Orchestra

San Telmo Tango Orchestra

Hey everyone, I’m going to launch my blog-o-sphere existence this summer while doing an Advocacy Project fellowship from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Stay tuned…